Friday, October 27, 2006

its all over ...

now those buggers have decided to keep reservations in the private colleges ,....

DISGUSTING!!! come on now ............. it cant get worser than this,
next the reservations will be in private sector jobs , then even for basic amenities, then i cant even concieve how horrible the future will be ,
im planning to flee the country ,

now ppl at whom these are aimed... do u really want reservations..... cant u do smthing on ur own, if the reservations were for ebc 's then i would have made a demonstrations in favour of this.....

the whole thing stinks , i pray why dont these terrorists from pakistan bomb the gr8 ministers car....

Saturday, May 27, 2006

two students do a rajeev goswami !!!

inspite of protest from almost all quarters of india , the governament has given the green signal to these mindless reservations.although entire india was protesting in unison........ even though the knowledge commision instituted by the same govt has vetod the proposal wid 6:2 .......... the resignations of the head of the knowledge commiosion and its other member shows the desperation . though sam piroda was mentioning the reasons against the resrvations they went ahead with the quota.

the silence of all political parties is stunning as everone wants to make hay by burning the merit which is at stake, no one wants to lose the advantage that mite accrue from these reservaions.

in the frustration of the policies of govt two students have tried to immolate themselves , one was Rishiranjan Gupta , sopposedly from bihar and other one from cuttack. fortuntely they were rescued by the onlookers and were rushed to the nearest hospital. hope atleast this event rings a bell infront of the deaf ears of arjun singh.

the situation is sad with no one coming out in support of the students and even the media is shying away from the truths and not giving adequate coverage to the events.

sad but true....................... its only in india where populism rules over rationalism and pragmatism, its only in india saints are charged with murder when leaders want to turn secular,
where else puppet govts are installed, and dynasties are voted again and again due to sycophantic party cadre, the way the congress leaders lick the bots of the gandhi faily is despisable, if some one wants a better position they shout pro sonia slogans if they want to be favoured they shout for rahul gandhi to become P.M...........

there is lack of strong leadership in india, there's no alternative to congress, the bjp is too britle now wit hits only hope murdered, and the rest of the parties dont even know the spelling of reforms and development , only thing they have in their mind is caste politics, when will the lok paritrana , vinashaya diskrutam occur................

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

arjun singh must be hanged.

this was not supposed to be a hate blog. but they have forced me, even though entire india was crying in unison................ for godsake these reservations are not needed...........
but these goddamn politicians , all they care is their votes. after a long time i ashamed to be an indian. with 78 % drop outs in sc/st's how in the name of hell will these resrvations in p.g course benefit them.
this is what happens when brainless bastards start ruling the country, my pride in democracy, and my belief in the supreme court ........... are all smashed in a night. just becoz one old fellow wanted to further his ambitions of becoming a prime minister, lakhs of deserving students hafta suffer.
dictatorship is more welcome than this goddamn democracy where only populist opinions rule the day.

i was firmly decided that i will stay in india come what may............... i was so against brain drain but now i m going to run out of india at the first oppurtunity.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

med;s fighting on their own...

well the unfortunate bill ' 50 % reservation' made by arjun singh the great...........

it concerns all the ppl who wanna stay in india and study , be it u.g be it p.g u r gonna get affected by this..........still the youth of india is not hitting the streets ,,well u wanna question me what am i doing sitting comfartlably at home, but since i have indian blood in my veins im still looking up to a leader to lead the way out, and there's hardly any movement in jharkhand, coz there aint many colleges here ...... so hardly any strength apart from b.i.t mesr and sindri.

whatever happens in delhi hogs the limelight and delivers the punch. wish the iitians and the iim ppl take to streets too............. atleast show u care boss. if this bill is passed , no body has the ba**s to remove it and it will be here to stay,

the entire quality will be compromised and whatever brain drain is halted due the bright prospects in resonant indian economy will be accelerated again, what will ppl do if they are denied even a chance to study

already the percentile needed to get into an iim is 99+ , if this bill is passed , god save us!!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

was pramod mahajan murdered on a plan ? ??

pramod mahajan- cold blooded murder?

it's sad that pramod mahajan had to die in this manner in teh hands of his own brother. pramod mahajan was one of the strongest and the best strategists bjp ever had. he was doing a brilliant job in maharastra. he had brillinat indutrial connections and was one of the strongest fund raisers not only for the maharastra wing but for all india level.
it is not possible that his brother wanted to vent his anger all of a sudden, the way he stands without any remorse in the court proves that he might have been sent on a mission, possibly from political opponents who now have convenientlybacked out their job done.... pramod mahajan- he was a crowd puller.

in ways more than one this is a blow for the b.j.p especially with elections due in various states. he was lookin like the president in waiting but , his life has been cruelly cut short. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, April 29, 2006

an example for sure...

we must probably learn something from these med skool students ............. gr8 job bravo.!!! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

no thanks..

well thats what the obc 's are saying ...
recently few of them came out .... probably to the hrd mionisters disbelief but true. the courses of the iims and iits are pretty demanding so much so that a 5 hour sleep is said to be a luxury in iims and being an engineer im aware of the rigours of the course at least initially . therefore not everyone is able to take them.

there are precedents of the candidates who have got in by reservation have barely been able to pass the course and barely within the i fail to understand the motive in filling up the seats with underperfroming ppl ......... aready the iims and iits fail to fill up the seats this reflects the quality of ppl who will get in to colleges now ..

and an interesting but a thot provoking incident ' the negative marks in andhra state engg entrance was removed because they were forced to give seats to those ppl who have negative score in the exam ....'

one of my friends said unwittingly that we will have to flee the country like the jews did from germany which probably still rues the loss of scientists like einstein , otto hahn etc....

though an exageration ,it is not quite far from truth......... this will accelerate the brain drain like never before.