Sunday, April 09, 2006

give talent a chance....

INDIA -most reserved nation in the world !!

meritocracy or vote bank politics....

its been more than five decades since we got independance , even then we have not been able to get democracy in true sense ....................... a cliched statement

but how strikingly true it is ... past few weeks i have been thinking that the congress govt is doing a fine job , its got economy on way and law and order is also going fine , but all of a sudden the announcement of the reservations for the educational institutions has shaken away the ground beneath my feet.... i fail to understand as to how succesfull the previous reservatiosn have been in the true upliftment of the targeted categories....????

its only to attract the obc votebank of the uttar pradesh that the congress governament has been pursuing this reservation issue , its sad tht not one of the political parties have raised voice against this issue ................... and most alarmingly the directors of the iits iims have not raised their voice about the possible compromise of the quality of the people coming in .

1. its only the elite and well to do families of the sc/st category who have been availing of this reservation and still the poor still keeps gettign poor....

2. if these reservations have to serve the purpose then they must apply only to the economically backward ppl

3.the fact that they are considering reservations in the medical college is shocking , this reflects the casual attitude of our govt. w.r.t the human lives..... hope the supreme court intervenes



Blogger Krishna Bhargav said...

yes, I agree very much with u kishore.It is all election politics.Thank god,atleast the election comm has put a break to it.Lets hope the bill wont get passed.For more inputs against reservation and its ill effects..check thisout:

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