Wednesday, April 12, 2006

no thanks..

well thats what the obc 's are saying ...
recently few of them came out .... probably to the hrd mionisters disbelief but true. the courses of the iims and iits are pretty demanding so much so that a 5 hour sleep is said to be a luxury in iims and being an engineer im aware of the rigours of the course at least initially . therefore not everyone is able to take them.

there are precedents of the candidates who have got in by reservation have barely been able to pass the course and barely within the i fail to understand the motive in filling up the seats with underperfroming ppl ......... aready the iims and iits fail to fill up the seats this reflects the quality of ppl who will get in to colleges now ..

and an interesting but a thot provoking incident ' the negative marks in andhra state engg entrance was removed because they were forced to give seats to those ppl who have negative score in the exam ....'

one of my friends said unwittingly that we will have to flee the country like the jews did from germany which probably still rues the loss of scientists like einstein , otto hahn etc....

though an exageration ,it is not quite far from truth......... this will accelerate the brain drain like never before.


Blogger Chaitanya Vedanabhatla said...

true true. this is one decision dat does not make any sense at al. as vir sanghvi said, if a patient has been treated 4 fifty years without showin any signs of improvement, wil we change da treatment or contiue with da old one?

12:46 AM  
Blogger it's Mr.Nasty said...

ur blog justifies its name
but dude, do want to go with just ur remarks or present a solution for this problem?
b'coz i think the reservation is necessary,but for the deserved people.
looking forward for ur solution.

5:50 PM  
Blogger johns said...

reservations are never necessary and only deteriorate the quality of our education and divide the Naton and have already done an irreversible harm to the unity of our Nation. lets abolish the reservtions and establish true equality among all the people of the Nation and let the meritorious people get the opportunity that they deserve. the only way to truly help the weaker sections is to provide education, health and food to poor people. these caste, religion and region based reservations only benefit rich people in so called caste based "weaker sections". The people in all other countries want to be called advanced and don't want any concessions from the Government. shamefully our country has people who are competing to be branded as backward sections and asking for crutches in the name of quota system. our country can never become a superpower as long as we divide ourselves along caste, religion, region, linguistic, sex related criteria. what is happening to my country? if every caste, religion, region, linguistic group starts demanding quota for itself and separate state/area for itself, how will India be united? I am very scared about the future of our nation. Is this the country that Bhagat Singh, RajGuru, Sukhdev and Netaji hoped for and sacrificed their lives for? these ugly Political parties and greedy, power hungry politiians are instigating hatred between different communities. I am very concerned about India's unity as I see more chaos in Africa and other countries which have infighting/civil wars between different groups. our current Politicians have no values and only want to hang on to power by any means and they don't have any concern about the long term wellbeing and harmony of our Nation. it is time we get rid of these shameless and corrupt Politicans and abolish all reservations and declare our Great Nation as a country that values freedom, Liberty and equality to all peoples regardless of their caste, creed, color, religion, language, region, sex etc. change will come but only when people start recognizing the importance of this change and stand up against these crony Politicians. this may involve a struggle as big and intense as our freedom struggle itself. Jai Hind!-SB2008

11:17 AM  

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