Wednesday, May 03, 2006

was pramod mahajan murdered on a plan ? ??

pramod mahajan- cold blooded murder?

it's sad that pramod mahajan had to die in this manner in teh hands of his own brother. pramod mahajan was one of the strongest and the best strategists bjp ever had. he was doing a brilliant job in maharastra. he had brillinat indutrial connections and was one of the strongest fund raisers not only for the maharastra wing but for all india level.
it is not possible that his brother wanted to vent his anger all of a sudden, the way he stands without any remorse in the court proves that he might have been sent on a mission, possibly from political opponents who now have convenientlybacked out their job done.... pramod mahajan- he was a crowd puller.

in ways more than one this is a blow for the b.j.p especially with elections due in various states. he was lookin like the president in waiting but , his life has been cruelly cut short. Posted by Picasa


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