Saturday, May 20, 2006

med;s fighting on their own...

well the unfortunate bill ' 50 % reservation' made by arjun singh the great...........

it concerns all the ppl who wanna stay in india and study , be it u.g be it p.g u r gonna get affected by this..........still the youth of india is not hitting the streets ,,well u wanna question me what am i doing sitting comfartlably at home, but since i have indian blood in my veins im still looking up to a leader to lead the way out, and there's hardly any movement in jharkhand, coz there aint many colleges here ...... so hardly any strength apart from b.i.t mesr and sindri.

whatever happens in delhi hogs the limelight and delivers the punch. wish the iitians and the iim ppl take to streets too............. atleast show u care boss. if this bill is passed , no body has the ba**s to remove it and it will be here to stay,

the entire quality will be compromised and whatever brain drain is halted due the bright prospects in resonant indian economy will be accelerated again, what will ppl do if they are denied even a chance to study

already the percentile needed to get into an iim is 99+ , if this bill is passed , god save us!!


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Wednesday, May 31, 2006
Quota Effect and Equality
Sunday 28 May, 2006
Hundreds of us Alumni of IIts, IIMs, Medicos, IT Proffesionals took to street against reservation. The Brightest mind of the country(so to speak) demanding equality. We have been listening to people defending this act by throwing mud at the selection system. But let me tell you my friends two black dots dont make white. Yes the system is not perfect, but it takes perseverance, hard work and dedication of two , sometimes three year to get a seat , it takes guts to fight a not so perfect system. The selection system is not so good but the people who get through know what it takes.
Let me first tell you what we feel about this issue. My call is anti reservation would not have an effect on merit. To clarify myself it will have an effect on IIT and IIMs as an institution(yes their standard would fall)but not on merit. I feel like most of my friends that merit finds it's way. The more pressure the finer the diamond. It's the fate of India that geniuses like Dr. Hargobind Khurana,born in India and co-winner of the 1968 Nobel Prize for Medicine would not get a chemist's job here. These politicians have sealed the fate, India's fate, and their own.
Nobody denies the need of reservation, but this need is now no less than a greed. India promised equality redardless of caste and creed. But now we have been made second class citizens in this country in the name of the draconian act.
We had reserved candidates in IITs some worthy, some not worthy. My call is worthy would make a mark and the not so worthy will not even after getting an IIT or IIM degree. Reserved candidates with filthy amount of money used to get scholarships, free books , free hostel facilties. Guys who would brag about their Dad being an IAS, judges, guys with families of 11 doctors(yes my friend with reservation this happens)never wearing anything less than a foreign brand on their body. Politician justifying reservation for such people are only there to reserve their votes.

"People should not be afraid of their government; governments should be afraid of their people." This government has the need to be afraid now. It's only a tip of the ice berg. Because on sunday an oracle visited me(dont laugh) and I saw the whole ice berg. Government has habits of ignoring people protesting peacefully. But in time when this policy will create divisions , fistures, I see people coming to arms, I see revolution and i foresee Holocaust, let Arjun Singh and Manmohan Singh remember that no one but they are responsible for what is going to happen.

What we people demand is equality and justice, and importantly for all.

Signing of on that note
Vipul Bhandari

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