Wednesday, May 24, 2006

arjun singh must be hanged.

this was not supposed to be a hate blog. but they have forced me, even though entire india was crying in unison................ for godsake these reservations are not needed...........
but these goddamn politicians , all they care is their votes. after a long time i ashamed to be an indian. with 78 % drop outs in sc/st's how in the name of hell will these resrvations in p.g course benefit them.
this is what happens when brainless bastards start ruling the country, my pride in democracy, and my belief in the supreme court ........... are all smashed in a night. just becoz one old fellow wanted to further his ambitions of becoming a prime minister, lakhs of deserving students hafta suffer.
dictatorship is more welcome than this goddamn democracy where only populist opinions rule the day.

i was firmly decided that i will stay in india come what may............... i was so against brain drain but now i m going to run out of india at the first oppurtunity.


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