Saturday, May 27, 2006

two students do a rajeev goswami !!!

inspite of protest from almost all quarters of india , the governament has given the green signal to these mindless reservations.although entire india was protesting in unison........ even though the knowledge commision instituted by the same govt has vetod the proposal wid 6:2 .......... the resignations of the head of the knowledge commiosion and its other member shows the desperation . though sam piroda was mentioning the reasons against the resrvations they went ahead with the quota.

the silence of all political parties is stunning as everone wants to make hay by burning the merit which is at stake, no one wants to lose the advantage that mite accrue from these reservaions.

in the frustration of the policies of govt two students have tried to immolate themselves , one was Rishiranjan Gupta , sopposedly from bihar and other one from cuttack. fortuntely they were rescued by the onlookers and were rushed to the nearest hospital. hope atleast this event rings a bell infront of the deaf ears of arjun singh.

the situation is sad with no one coming out in support of the students and even the media is shying away from the truths and not giving adequate coverage to the events.

sad but true....................... its only in india where populism rules over rationalism and pragmatism, its only in india saints are charged with murder when leaders want to turn secular,
where else puppet govts are installed, and dynasties are voted again and again due to sycophantic party cadre, the way the congress leaders lick the bots of the gandhi faily is despisable, if some one wants a better position they shout pro sonia slogans if they want to be favoured they shout for rahul gandhi to become P.M...........

there is lack of strong leadership in india, there's no alternative to congress, the bjp is too britle now wit hits only hope murdered, and the rest of the parties dont even know the spelling of reforms and development , only thing they have in their mind is caste politics, when will the lok paritrana , vinashaya diskrutam occur................


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